Three Is A Magic Number

07:29 Karen 1 Comments

Hello, hello - can't believe that I am back once again!

This time I have one of the classes from the ATDML Cybercrop and as I said previously, the theme was music.  So I chose one of my favourite songs to sing with Gracia when she was little .........

Three Is A Magic Number

For both classes I used Crate Paper's Confetti range.  Just look at our happy darling she always had a smile on her face from the moment she learnt how to smile.

The second page celebrates the fact that we still do so many things together as a family of three (but sometimes four if Josh joins in the fun).

I really love this paper range and have used it on several different layouts but that's for another day.

Hope the day treats you well xx

Reason to be cheerful:

Gracia (and often Josh) still like spending time with us.  Even yesterday they asked when we were going to Newcastle next despite them meeting us for a holiday together later in the summer. 


A Little Bit of Craftiness.

22:09 Karen 4 Comments

Well during my absence from blogland I spent many, many hours making stuff (as David calls it) and feel that it is about time I showed you a little.

A couple of weekends ago it was the ATDML Cybercrop and I made pages for two of the challenges.  As it was music themed I chose:-

Black and Gold (Sam Sparro)

A photo of my mum and her brother taken 85 years ago!

and Yellow (Coldplay) although this challenge was to use a long title on a page.

Apologies for the bad iPhone photo.

I also taught two classes but I will save those for later in the week.

Reason to be cheerful:

Spending a happy half hour catching up with blog posts from this week.  I had quite forgotten how much I enjoy doing this.



22:10 Karen 2 Comments

Well, I have certainly been Missing In Action of late and cannot believe that I have genuinely not had the time to blog or to read blogs.  I went onto my Feedly account today and was shocked by how many posts I had waiting and made the decision to mark them all as read and start again.

This year has really been a majorly busy one and I have had to make some tough decisions as to how I can claw back some time and one of those was that I closed my Rainbow pack at the end of the summer term.  I was really sad to do so but felt that I couldn't run it any longer as numbers were dropping and although I had a friend who came along and helped each week the administration and preparation was all down to me.

Also, when taking on the DT position for Silhouette UK I had greatly under estimated the amount of time it would take to prepare projects and write up the blog posts.  I don't regret for one second taking this on as I have met some wonderful, talented ladies who never cease to amaze me with their creations and are always so willing to help with sharing tips and tricks and also will give their advice so readily.

As it is the start of the school holidays and I am supposed to have six weeks off (although I am working for most of next week to try to get ahead for September) I will try to get into the swing of blogging again and more importantly reading blogs again, I have missed my cyber friends and fully intend catching up.

Reason To Be Cheerful:-

Seeing my projects on Create & Craft TV when it was the Silhouette shows.