Memorandum Monday 29/8/16 - Missing My Girl

07:07 Karen 4 Comments

Hello, hello lovely blog readers.  Today, I am joining in with Sian's Memorandum Monday - telling tales of what you learnt at the weekend.

What I learnt, is nothing new, something I knew would happen and the thing that it surprisingly constant.  What I learnt is that even though she has lived in Newcastle for the past 5 years after spending a fortnight together missing my girl is inevitable, hard and will always happen when she goes back.

The four of us, well five if you include Kiera and we always try to include Kiera, spent a week walking in the Lake District, earlier in the month.  We had such a fabulous time, the sun shone for all but one day and when I say shone it was sun hats and sun block hot.  We walked round lakes, climbed hills, fell over in the mud (in my case, much to the amusement of the others), swam in the becks (not in my case but the others did) and ate well, but sensibly.

Then Gracia caught the train home to us (not enough room in the car for us to bring her back) and spent another week here.  We went to London to chase dreams

to the zoo to find our favourite animals

went pig hunting in Ipswich 

and made a proper afternoon tea.  

Every day was filled with fun and laughter and now she has gone back our little house echos with emptiness.  

I am sure she will be back very soon and she starts on the final year of her medical degree tomorrow, almost there!  After that she has two years as a junior doctor in a hospital and three further years GP training but after this year we can close the bank of mum and dad as she will be earning.

Reason to be Cheerful:-

Missing my girl indicates that we have had a lovely time and are looking forward to next time she is home.  If I didn't miss her it would mean that I was glad she had returned to Newcastle!


Sian said...

Aw! I bet she misses you too. Very soon I'll be watching my second move into her student house and then it'll be very quiet here too. It's so hard to believe we have got to this point already. And wow..only another year for her! Hurray for the Bank of Mum and Dad..tho it can get a bit wearing from this end can't it!!

debs14 said...

Looks like you had a great time with her, you always have such fun family photos!

Susanne said...

Yes, it is hard every time they go back. But we don't really want it any other way, do we?

Jo said...

It sounds and looks like you had a fabulous time x